TEA5767 FM Radio with Arduino


A very simple Digital FM radio receiver using the Philips TEA5767 Receiver IC. It is a I2C device and can be interfaced to any microcontroller. Here in our project we are using Arduino Nano.


Audio amplifier(click here)
1K 1/4Watt resistor - 1
TEA5767 FM Radio receiver module-1(You can buy online from here
Arduino(Uno preferred)

Circuit Diagram

The back side of the sensor PCB

The front side of sensor PCB

TEA5767 is a digital FM Radio Receiver from Philips. It uses I2C to communicate with the microcontroller. The Microcontroller controls the frequency of Radio and it can also be used to store radio stations using the EEPROM. But in this project we will keep it simple. Our radio will receive a single station(the frequency can be changed in the program). Further modified programs and projects will be posted separately on the website.